How to Purchase a Website Hosting Server

  1. Click this link:  Bluehost Hosting
  2. Click the green button in the center of the screen that says “get started now”
  3. Click the far right option which corresponds to the “prime” package
  4. Under “I Have a Domain Name” on the right, enter your domain, for example:
  5. Click next.
  6. Enter your contact information. You may use your email address or mine, if you use your email address then please forward me any emails you receive from bluehost after this process is complete.
  7. Under “Package Information”, un-check all checkboxes, and select an Account Plan.
  8. Keep in mind, the total balance is charged up-front. For example, if you choose 36 months, you will be charged roughly $4.95×36=$178 (not exactly $4.95, it will be whatever monthly rate it says on the page), but if you choose 12 months you will be charged $6.95/12=$83.
  9. If you see yourself owning any website in the next 2 or 3 years, I highly recommend the “36 Month Price – $4.95/mo.” because it is much less expensive in the long run, and they are typically good about moving funds around or refunding you if you want to change your services.
  10. Under billing information, enter your credit card information.
  11. Click Next.
  12. If they try to sell you any other features, un-check or click No Thanks.
  13. That’s it! Now you’ll receive an email with your hosting details, please forward me this email.  Also email me your bluehost password if you’ve created one.  Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions.  858.480.1365