Custom Software Development

Superior Web Solutions offers highly custom websites and software development that accommodate advanced features and automation which are tailored to your exact business requirements. Dan Bernstein, the owner and primary software developer has a background in developing custom software applications for the department of defense, and has designed and developed many full-featured websites with custom software development and automation. After meeting with us, we will provide you with a quote with a detailed pricing breakdown and deadline for your project. We have designed and developed advanced custom software for as low as $1,000 and as high as $30,000. Below you will find a few examples of large projects we have completed recently.

Kazan State Medical University (Toronto, Canada)
Websites, Student Portal, Billing, Infrastructure & Software Automation
This client required us to set up the web infrastructure for a new Canadian medical school. We were tasked with creating two full-featured websites as well as custom software development for the classroom management, student portal, billing/payment gateways, email automation, scholarship application submission/management, and technical/business consulting. The client was extremely happy with the end result and their team appreciated that a single company was able to provide consulting as well as software development for their website design and management software.

BIOmixers (Los Angeles, CA)
Advanced Business Networking Software
This project was for a business networking group which required us to create a front-end website along with a highly intricate, automated back-end. Considering the fact that there are so many networking groups that have the same people meeting every week, the primary goal of this company was to develop software that keeps track of members’ event attendance history, along with many other variables such as member restaurant preferences, weekday/time availability, and which members they have already met. In addition to the extensive event tracking, member database, and invoice/billing automation, we developed a proprietary sorting algorithm which utilizes over 1,000 lines of code in order to automatically create and schedule events based on member criteria (food preferences, calendar availability, members who haven’t met each other, and more). The real value of this custom software is that BIOmixers now owns this software with no monthly fees, and can easily develop any future improvements, new features, or reporting as necessary.

Del Mar Rendezvous (San Diego, CA)
Custom Online Gift Card System
This project was for a restaurant which required us to create a front-end website along with a highly intricate, automated back-end. The purpose of this website was to order virtual and physical gift cards from the restaurant, which can be sent as gifts. In summary, the custom functionality included order management, payment gateways, live preview of custom letter to recipient, UPS shipping automation, future email delivery automation, and integration with a gift card stored value system.

Bar Basic (San Diego, CA)
Technical Consulting, Online Reservations & Restaurant Management
The owner of this popular restaurant/bar in downtown San Diego was having issues with the OpenTable software they had installed. The OpenTable software was overpriced, buggy, and was not fulfilling his business needs. The owner requested an expensive custom solution, but after some research we discovered that we could customize an existing solution for a fraction of the cost. After gathering his requirements, we investigated 20 different software options and eventually narrowed it down to the perfect solution, SeatMe. We worked with SeatMe to reduce the price down to $100/month, which was less than 1/6th the monthly price the owner was paying for OpenTable. The owner was thrilled to have a professional, sleek new software which met his requirements for a fraction of the cost.

Green Flash Gastro (San Diego, CA)
Order Management Software
The food stand at Green Flash Gastro needed a streamlined, highly-custom solution to track customer orders and send SMS text messages to customers when their order was ready. They didn’t need many features and therefore didn’t want to spend a fortune on bloated SMS software. We designed and coded a custom, sleek interface to suit their needs for an extremely reasonable price.