Does website load time affect your Google ranking?

These days waiting 10 seconds for a page to load can feel like 10 minutes, so it’s no surprise that in 2010 Google to include website speed as a factor in determining search ranking. Google and other search engines are constantly striving to improve the user’s experience.


Does website load time affect your Google ranking?  Absolutely.


Long load times affect google ranking negatively

If your website is running sluggish, here are some likely culprits:

1. Too Many Plugins (or too much content on front page)
2. Bad Web Hosting
3. Dynamic Pages
4. No Compression of Web Pages
5. Unoptimized Images
6. Bulky Code

It’s very important to keep the front page light, attractive, and clean. Too much content can overwhelm your visitors and distract them from important information, which is bad for your conversion rate and your Google ranking.

Improving your website’s speed not only boosts your ranking in search engines, it also provides users with a more enjoyable experience which means a better conversion rates and less “bounces”.


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