Tips for Branding in Web Design & Graphic Design

Keep it consistent

branding in web design

Your brand is how your company is consistently presented to the world which makes branding extremely important to your image. The fonts and colors you use on your website, ads, and logo may seem arbitrary, but it’s very important to pay attention to consistency when making a website or ad that properly represents you.

Think for example, about big companies. If you see a red target with a white background, you immediately think of the store Target because they make sure that symbol of their business is on everything they do. You may notice also that on their website and all of their ads they frequently use red text on a white background to get attention, or they may include a picture of their mascot.

That kind of consistency is what gets people to know exactly who you are before you say anything, that way you don’t have to introduce yourself, so to speak, to every customer before you pitch your product or service, because they already know who you are.

Keep it simple

As you may know, it is very important to keep your brand simple. While you may want to tell customers everything you do so they are aware of your services or products that they might want, a long winded explanation is usually not the way to go about it. It’s important when advertising yourself that you keep your message short, simple and to the point. A color scheme, logo, or tagline that is simpler, is also much easier to remember than one that is complicated.

Take stores at your local mall for example. They need to advertise to customers who are simply passing by and entice them to come in. They accomplish this by showing a picture of a popular product with the word “SALE” in big letters. This is just one image with one word, but it entices the customer to learn more, while informing their customers that they are having a sale on that product.

Keep it for the customer

The colors and fonts your choose to represent yourself should be more than just drawing out of a hat or picking your personal favorite fonts or favorite color. It’s important to separate yourself from your business. While you may really like the colors red and black, those may not be the best colors to use together in a logo for a food restaurant. It’s important to do your research on color psychology, and how certain colors make your customer feel. For example, it is well known that red and yellow together tend to make people hungry.

If you don’t believe us, go look for yourself and try to point out big food industries that do not include the colors red and/or yellow in their logos or even painted on their walls and in their advertising.

People focus on colors more than they realize, so it’s important to make sure that your brand gives the right message for your product.


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