Do you need a professional website for your business?

Should you invest in a professional website?Man Working on a Responsive Web Design

Before anything else is said let me make it perfectly clear that it is EXTREMELY important that every business have a proper web presence. Whether it’s just a series of social media accounts or a professional website, you need something online for people to look at when looking for your business. But is it worth the money for you to hire someone to build you a professional looking website.

It absolutely is worth it, and let me explain why.

A good website leaves good impressions

Have you ever been to a website that looked dated, cluttered, and simply wasn’t user friendly? How did that experience make you feel? People are far less likely to purchase something from a website that is poorly put together. That’s why it’s important to hire someone who is a professional in the web design field to make sure your website is appealing and user friendly for anyone who visits it. Your website is the face of your business so you have to make sure it represents your business at its highest standards.

Websites increase potential customers

There are plenty of ways to have an online presence. With websites like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter and Yelp (All of which you should also own) it is much easier to maintain an online presence, but nothing will benefit you quite as much as having those social media giants all attached to a main website. Without having a website online, Google is far less likely to show you in the top results when potential customers are looking for you compared to your competitors with websites. Companies with websites always take priority in web searches, meaning that without a website, you don’t have a proper web presence.

A professional looking website may not be as expensive as you think

Professional websites, especially for business are seen as investments, but if you’re not a web based company you can still get a nice looking website without shelling out $1000. Today, a website is a relatively low hanging fruit for pretty much anyone who wants or needs an online presence. As we’ve mentioned before, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives to purchasing a website with all the bells and whistles, here at SWS Support, we offer a website package for under $500!