Which type of website is right for you?

What kind of website do you need?

Deciding the right type of website you want to own can be simple and obvious, or it can be very

Making money off the internet

tricky. Do you have a product to sell that you could expand online? Are you expecting a lot of traffic to come to your website? or are you simply trying to get a simple landing page for your website so people can find you when they look you up?

Ultimately it boils down to what you need your website to accomplish

Pre-Designed Template Websites

Pre-designed templates are the most common type of website on the internet because they’re cheap and easy to make and maintain. Pre-designed templates are often made in Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and WordPress. These websites are perfect for low budget, simple mom & pop shops, or restaurants that aren’t expecting a massive amount of internet traffic, and don’t really make money off of internet traffic except for conversions of people coming to their store. They’re sweet, simple, and to the point, and are by far the most cost-effective form of website you can get. Typically they accomplish simple tasks such as displaying information, restaurant menus, directions to your store, and things of that nature.

Websites like this are never a very good idea when trying to do more complicated things like setting up an online newsletter or generating leads to follow up on.

These websites are meant for simple tasks, and if you’re looking for your website to do more for you, you might want to consider opening up your budget a bit.

Standard Website with Basic Features

These are websites that are slightly more advanced than pre-designed templates. Standard websites are for companies that want to have a unique look and have a competitive edge over the competition online, while still maintaining a relatively low budget. The benefit of standard websites over template sites is that most template sites look pretty much the same. If you go onto two different websites and their websites look pretty similar, chances are they used the same template, and because there are so many websites out there, that’s not an unlikely scenario. A standard website package will give you a unique enough look that you can stand out, and the likelihood of your website looking like another on the internet is significantly less.

This is recommended for businesses that want to generate more traffic or possibly do more with their website such as get people to sign up for a newsletter or generate quotes for services to clients.

Premium websites with advanced custom features

Premium websites are websites such as E-Commerce websites, websites with custom newsletters, and websites for big businesses trying to expand their brand in the online marketplace. These websites are designed to work for you, and tailor to your own custom needs. While this is definitely the most budget-breaking option, Premium websites are more likely to generate more income than any other site, and if you manage your business and website properly you will make more than you ever spend to get your website online.

This is a worthwhile option for shops and businesses looking to sell merchandise, services, or information online or expand brand awareness on a country wide or potentially global scale.

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