How to start selling products online with E-Commerce

So you got your hands on the next big thing and you want to start selling products online!  Now, what is the best way to get the word out to the public?  There are so many different options for selling online, it can be overwhelming at first.


Finding the best E-Commerce platform

There are a few important factors when considering an online platform to sell your products.

  1. Ease of use – how long does it take to create new products
  2. Robustness – how many settings and features are available
  3. Professional look & feel – you want to attract customers with a sleek, professional way to browse products
  4. Pricing – how much does the service cost per month and do they take a % cut out of your sales


Creating your own E-Commerce site with WordPress


– Can be easily integrated into your existing WordPress website.

– Many E-Commerce solutions don’t allow much customization.  Creating your own E-Commerce website with WordPress allows you to build the perfect website, exactly how you like it.

– While custom designed websites cost more, you will quickly see a return in profit since you don’t have to pay any % of your sales to a 3rd party.

– It’s very easy (and inexpensive) for web developers to improve or add new features to a custom website.


– Expensive, and the full price is usually paid within 2 months (where as 3rd party E-Commerce websites are paid indefinitely month-to-month).

– You must have a certain level of technical expertise, or you need to find a web design firm you trust.  Always make sure they communicate a clear understanding of what you are looking for before you give them any sort of payment!


Using a 3rd party E-Commerce solution


– Very inexpensive start-up costs, which makes this a great solution if you don’t want to commit to your new online business venture.

– Usually has several templates to choose from.  If you find one you like, this is a great way to get started quickly.

– Easy to use interface, which is good for those who are less technical.


– More expensive in the long run.

– If you ever decide to try a new E-Commerce solution, it can be very difficult to export and move your products to a new website.

– Very little customization is allowed.  If any features are missing, tough luck.



If your starting budget is less than $500 or if you are unsure if you will still want to be selling in a year or two, using a 3rd party E-Commerce solution such as Amazon is a great option.  Best of all, if you hit a roadblock we will be happy to help!  Call us at 858.480.1365 for excellent hourly tech support.

If you have a good budget to start and would like to save money in the long run, building your own E-Commerce website with WordPress is the best way to go.  You can hire a web developer, set up everything yourself, or even do a little of both.  Always be sure to compare quotes and check out their portfolio!


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