How to grow your Facebook Page’s likes

How to grow your Facebook Page’s likes

These days everyone and their mother is on Facebook, which makes it a very natural place for business owners small and big to invest their time and energy advertising their services to everyone who might be interested. But advertising on Facebook isn’t as simple as building a Facebook page and hoping people will come. It needs to have content, advertising, and a reason for potential customers to come and want to Woman Clicking Like Button. She Likes It!receive updates on your page.

So how does building up your Facebook Page work?

Well, as I mentioned earlier, unfortunately the old saying “build it and they will come” does not apply to Facebook pages. This is because everyone who even thinks they have a business, common hobby, interest, or fan base has a Facebook page  so there are literally billions of Facebook Pages out there. So naturally, if you want any amount of success, your page has to stand out from the competition.

Follow these simple steps

Optimize your Facebook Page to be seen

First thing you want to do before anything else, is build a nice, descriptive “About Us” page that gives vivid detail to customers who want to know what you do, and what you can do for them. The description is so important because your “About Us” is how people find you on search engines like Google. If you design custom T-Shirts and somebody looks up “custom T-shirts” you want your Facebook page and website to come up in the first few results, so make sure appropriate keywords show up naturally in your descriptions and if possible in your posts. The more consistent your content, the more likely you will be seen just from people looking you up.

Second make sure you have your Facebook Page linked to any and all websites or social media outlets that people can find out more about you. Most importantly you want your Website, Yelp, and any other social networks you might be on, such as Google Plus, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram. This is very important because that can influence whether you will be seen when people Google your company’s name.

Third  post regularly on your Facebook. Nobody wants to browse a blank page, and if people see that your Facebook Page is blank they probably will just leave and assume that it is abandoned. If you don’t have time to post there are plenty of people that you can hire to build your Facebook Page up and keep it populated with interested leads that can turn into customers. If you do decide to post on your own Facebook Page, make sure that you post content that is relevant to your company or subject. If your Facebook Page looks unprofessional it will more than likely reflect badly on you.

Finally once you have a decent amount of content on your Facebook for people to look at, consider paid advertising on Facebook. Buying Facebook likes for your Facebook Page isn’t the best way to grow your Facebook Page, but with proper targeting you can still benefit from this method. For more information about buying Facebook Page likes, check out the article we wrote on the topic, and don’t buy Facebook Likes until you read it. It will save you a lot of time and energy in the long run.

Just remember: Facebook page likes are not the most important thing to focus on.

You can have a million Facebook Page likes and still have no customers. More important than having Facebook Page likes is having good branding and tactics for converting your leads into customers once you lure them in with your Facebook Page.

If someone promises to give you tons of new Facebook Page likes for a sum of money, don’t fall for it. There are plenty of people who use fake profiles to scam businesses who think they are growing their business, when really they are spamming uninterested people and filling your Facebook Page with fake likes and spam bots.