Keep it simple, stupid – the importance of sleek web design.

Simple web design is good web design

It’s easy to get carried away while adding content to your website.  WordPress currently offers a seemingly endless archive of awesome plugins to make your website better.  However, it is extremely important to keep the user experience sleek and simple.


Internet users have a surprisingly low attention spanKISS - the key to simple web design

A person who is browsing a new website will often decide within 10 seconds whether they will keep browsing or hit the “back” arrow. The goal is to provide relevant content in a clear layout, otherwise the user will become overwhelmed and leave the page.

Simple websites are cheaper

The more features you add to your website, the more it will cost to maintain.  Eventually things will break and become slow which will bring in unexpected costs down the line.

Focus on a specific goal for each page

Each page should have a specific target for visitors. For example, the main page should give new visitors an clear idea of what your business does within the first 10 seconds. A page with product details should focus on sales conversion. A squeeze page should focus on getting a visitors contact information.

sleek, simple web designAvoid putting too much content on any individual page

It varies depending on the website, but roughly half of your visitors won’t scroll down on your pages. Try to keep all important links and content on the initial visible area of each page, and less important content can go below.

Simple websites load faster

Nothing loses new customers faster than a slow-loading website. Organize your website with plenty of separate pages and sections so each page has a concise topic with minimal content.  Of course you want your website to contain as much relevant content as possible, but the front page needs to be simple and a have clear motive for new visitors.  All other pages and posts should be organized in a logical way that is easy to navigate for first-time visitors.


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