When is the best time to post on Facebook? – Social Media Strategy

How often should you post on Facebook?  When is the best time to post on Twitter?  Should you post on your social media profiles every day? Find out the answers to these social media strategy questions and dramatically improve your social media traffic!


Know your audience

How to get more likes on facebook

Engagement for a single Facebook post generally lasts between 5-20 hours.  However, the real sweet spot is within the first 2 hours.  for example, if you’re targeting 22-40 year olds you will want to post around 11am or after 7pm after people get home from work.  High school and college kids tend to check their newsfeed from their phone, so choosing when to post is a little more flexible.  It’s best to try different times of the day and see which posts get the most traction.

Post on Wednesdays and weekends

Most businesses don’t post on weekends, so you will have less competition on the newsfeed.  Wednesdays also typically show a slight boost in engagement.

How often should you post?

Posting too few updates leads to lower user engagement.  Surprisingly, too many posts can also cause lower user engagement.  Stick to a maximum of 1-2 posts in a single day to receive maximum exposure.  The optimal number of times to post per week seems to be 1-4 updates.

Length of Facebook posts

Facebook users are impatient.  Posts with less than 80 characters usually get much more traction than posts with too much information.

Facebook post content

It’s been proven time and time again that posts with images receive much more engagement.  Also, try to phrase the content as a question that sparks the viewer’s interest.  For example, instead of “Check out our new recipe”, you should write “What is the best recipe for a dinner party this summer?  Click here to find out.”

Coupons, deals and special offers

Facebook users seem to respond well to limited-time deals and discounts.  Creating deals in exchange for Facebook “likes” can also be a great way to attract new followers.  Set discounts such as “$15 off” seem to get more attention than percentage based discounts such as “10% off”.

Experiment with your posting habits

Every business experiences different results.  It’s important to remember that Facebook is constantly changing its EdgeRank algorithm.  With Social Media Campaigns, trial and error is the key to success!


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