Should I get a Google Plus Account for my Business?

Why get a Google Plus Account?Social Media logos

In the age of Social Media, keeping an online presence means you have a LOT of pages to maintain (which is why people make their livings as a Social Media Manager)

Even though these Social Media websites are important, some people question the use of having accounts on certain websites.

Among those websites is Google’s new social media website Google Plus (or Google+)

Google Plus has a shockingly low amount of users considering that Google is the highest ranking website in the world. People simply haven’t made the migration from Facebook to Google+, so why would a business want a Google+ Account?

It helps you rank on Google

Surprisingly to no-one Google loves when you use their services, so naturally if you put your business on Google Plus, it will get much more visibility on Google search engines and Google Maps, allowing you to control the content that gets seen when people look for you. This is very important for businesses looking to make a good impression on the end-user. This is especially important if you have a physical location.

It helps you have a better online presence

The first thing that shows up when you search for a company is their website, or their Google+ if you have one. Not to mention if you have a business on Google Plus you show up on the side of the search results with pictures, reviews, your location, hours, and contact information. If you want people to find you easily this is very important. More often than not, people searching for you won’t even click on your website before first checking out your info on Google (which is fed from your Google Plus account), and some may not even click anything, meaning that if you don’t show up on that sidebar, your information may not be seen. Not to mention most yellow book clones take your information directly from Google Plus, and the more correct information you have online, the higher you rank in search engines.

Google Plus is going to be much bigger in the future

Whether you like it or not, Google+ will become much bigger as time goes on, and more savvy businesses will get priority by starting on Google+ early. Your posts may not be getting many views right now, but in the future, just as everyone migrated from Myspace to Facebook, you will see people flocking to Google+ from Facebook, and when this happens, you want to be prepared. You’re going to want to look into ways to improve your visibility on Google+ by looking up concepts Google has in play, like using “Google Authorship”, “Google+ Ripples” and more.
(We will write more on this at a future time. Just trust us, it will make a difference.)

Think of it as an investment in the future of your company.

It’s free

When you are a business owner you want to have your name in as many places as humanly possible. Why wouldn’t you sign up for something that’s free that increases your visibility online. Especially considering that this is a big website where everyone is going to see you, you want as many things linked to your brand as possible.

Does this mean you need to invest hundreds of dollars and hours into fixing up your Google Plus? Not necessarily right now. Google Plus may be fairly quiet right now, but in the scheme of things you’re going to want to invest some time and effort into building up your Google Plus page so you’re not left behind when your focus group migrates from Facebook to Google Plus. Depending on your target age group and demographic, you may already have a larger audience on Google+ than Facebook and Instagram combined. For example, if your audience is young tech savvy males, you may want to consider putting more effort into Google+, as 50% of Google Plus is populated by tech savvy men under 24.

Just make sure you have your Google+ account set up so you know what people are seeing first when they look you up.

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