What is SEO?

What is SEO and why do I need it?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process that experts use to make sure that you rank at the top of Google for highly searched keywords. An SEO’s company’s job is to make sure that when someone searches for you, they find you. In other words, having good SEO is one of the most important resources for attracting new customers. Please note that investing heavily in SEO is not the best option for most companies, but investing in some level of search engine optimization is crucial.

Having good SEO can mean a lot of things, from making sure you have the right keywords in the content of your website, to making sure that you have pictures of your location on your social media, to making sure that nobody is actively sabotaging your website’s credibility to bring up their own rank.  The atmosphere and rules of search engine optimization are constantly changing, so it is important to hire a trustworthy, competent team to manage it.

How do you find a good SEO Expert?

Finding the right SEO expert can be tricky.  It isn’t an exact science, and there are a shocking number of scammers in the SEO business. These unethical companies can make empty promises, exaggerate and misinterpret results, or even permanently ruin your Google Ranking by using “Black Hat SEO Techniques”.

How much should you spend on SEO?

Any reputable SEO firm will charge at least $400/month for significant services.  However, many of these firms will intentionally skew the results or focus on keywords which are not relevant or helpful.  Finding an SEO company with positive reviews and proven results is crucial.  So if you’re not making the bulk of your income from your website, you might want to look into more cost-effective alternatives. We at Superior Web Solutions offer 3 SEO packages, including the Standard Plus SEO Package for a one time purchase of $360. This option is recommended for anyone who needs their website optimized for SEO, but isn’t ready to invest $800/month in Search Engine Optimization.

Several other great ways to bring in new customers include:
Social Media Marketing

Blog Management

Google Adwords

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